sapphire_child: (just dance; ten/rose)

one little elephant balancing

step by step on a piece of string

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always the girl, waiting for something

Ellin. Prongs. Australia. Blonde. Blue Eyes. Glasses/contact lenses. 5'6". 26 years on this planet. Virgo. Dragon. Singer. Dancer. Actress. Reader. Writer. Graphics. Fonts. Little sister. Daughter. Cousin. Niece. Granddaughter. Sister-in-law. Aunty. Godmother. Personal Trainer. Dance Teacher. Mobile phone seller. PhD Student. Fangirl.

fandom is...

Doctor Who. Supernatural. Harry Potter. A Very Potter Musical. Secret Diary of a Call Girl. Lord of the Rings. NCIS. Lie To Me. Merlin. Glee. Lost. Dexter. Torchwood. Dead Like Me. Charmed. Monty Python. Sherlock.

shipping preferences

Doctor/Rose. Harry/Hermione. David/Billie. Ziva/Tony. Charlie/Claire. Domlijah. Monaboyd. Dombilie. Merry/Eowyn. James/Lily. Sirius/Remus. George/Mason. Piper/Leo. Johnlock. Destiel.

It was about the music

Damien Rice. Death Cab for Cutie. The Weepies. Girlyman. Florence + the Machine. David Gray. Missy Higgins. Carole King. The Whitlams. The Waifs. The Beatles. The Dresden Dolls/Amanda Palmer. Gavin DeGraw. Savage Garden. The Corrs. The Cranberries. Michael Giacchino. Murray Gold.

Interests (136):

a very potter musical, acting, amanda palmer, ancient egypt, animorphs, anti-homophobia, architecture, bad wolf, billie piper, blogging, books, bromance, carole king, castiel, celtic music, charlie pace, charlie/claire, charmed, christopher eccleston, chuck taylors, computers, craig ferguson, damien rice, dancing, daniel radcliffe, david gray, david tennant, dead like me, dean winchester, dean/castiel, death cab for cutie, dexter, directing, disney, doctor who, domilie, dominic monaghan, domlijah, dragons, earrings, eating, edward/bella, eight/rose, eleven/rose, elvish, emilie de ravin, epico, eyeliner, fandom, fanfiction, fanvideos, florence + the machine, fonts, gavin degraw, girlyman, glee, harry potter, harry/hermione, henry mancini, heroes, hobbit holes, hobbits, house, icons, internet, james potter, james/lily, jared padalecki, jensen ackles, jewellry, john marsden, lie to me, livejournal, lord of the rings, lost, love actually, luna lovegood, manips, matt smith, merlin, merry/eowyn, michael giacchino, middle earth, misfits, misha collins, missy higgins, monaboyd, monty python, movies, murray gold, music, musical theatre, nanowrimo, ncis, nine/rose, norah jones, phantom of the opera, piano, pink (the colour), pirates of the caribbean, potter puppet pals, procrastinating, reading, remus/tonks, robin klein, robin williams, rose tyler, sam winchester, sapphires, savage garden, secret diary of a call girl, sewing, sherlock, shoes, singing, sleeping, spoonerisms, stephen speaks, supernatural, ten/rose, the beatles, the big bang theory, the corrs, the cranberries, the doctor, the dresden dolls, the fray, the simpson's, the waifs, the weepies, the whitlams, tj mccloud, tonks, torchwood, twilight, writing
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