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Unfortunately I don't think the epilogue is going to happen. Maybe ever. I know I said there was going to be one and all but you know, between my university load and my lack of inspiration for it it's just not going to happen. Thanks to everyone who has commented and enjoyed it. Hopefully you'll be able to fill in your own blanks as to how the story might end :)

ETA: also a very happy birthday to the Weasley twins, Fred and George. What better day for them to be born on eh?

ETA2: Oh god I am so mean. Somebody slap me, I'm turning into my mother...
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This is kind of due tomorrow so any comments would be much appreciated. I'm relatively happy with it thus far but I'd love to hear what you guys have to say, especially about the ending.

hurrah original fiction )
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We are anything and everything that we need – or want – to be. We are dancers. )
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Title: Bus Surfing
Summary: On the side of the road on a December afternoon we could be the only two people left in the world. My second assignment for my Creative Writing class this semester.
Author's Note: For Blair. Happy 20th my darling.

I forget sometimes just how much I miss her. )
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Title: Looking Up
Summary: The bond between sisters is one not easily broken.
Disclaimer: based on a writing exercise in which we had to write about a family member who was preferably deceased. I chose to write about my older sister who died at birth and then it kind of evolved into...this. The main speaker in this is not meant to be me btw, it's just based off my own experiences etc.

To everything there is a season; a time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance )
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Annie’s Garden tracklisting

Annie's Garden chapter 01

Also, Lost fanfiction!


*Prod prod*


You know I wont let up till you've all reviewed so you may as well go now and do it *grin*

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so I uh, googlismed my name...and I picked some random ones.


ellin is best
ellin is just plain easy

ellin is innocent yet wise

ellin is happy to share her knowledge with you

ellin is one of the most distinguished author of our time (sweet! and I'm not even published yet!)
ellin is no fool
ellin is not old enough to retire (damn)

ellin is usually good (usually *g*)
ellin is a brilliant piece of work
ellin is doing better after a recent fall

ellin is elline?

ellin is retired and enjoys his grandchildren (WTF?)

ellin is a superb writer and plotter (superb? yay! I should be published!)

ellin is a restless writer


Why do most of these have to do with writing? It's a sign! I'm meant to be a writer! I should write more of Not Amy... also for those of you who I told to read it and you haven't, go read it!


pimp, pimp, pimp


And Chapter four will probably be up in a few weeks once exams are over and my Muse has stopped being a cow.

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yes that's right I created a journal for Not Amy and miscellaneous (omg so spelt that wrong but don't gaf) other writings. So yeah. Go and read dammit. And review, you know you want to...
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okay so i found out why cubase didn't work last week. the fucking electric keyboard wasn't fucking plugged into the fuxcking computer *twitches*

in other news, yet again life is all go go go angst angst angst as usual. i wrote a drabble. i should really post it on here. but that means i have to turn my computer back on again and transfer the file and... ah fuck it i'm gonig to get the fucken drabble...

*sound of ellin running from the room*
*sound of ellin running back*

lucky you, you also get another cookie for not amy...ah don't yell at me now, you love it. i really need to finish that chapter though...after homework ellin, after homework...

drabble )

writings )

not_amy_cookie )
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i'm very concerned, i think my muse is ondrugs. )

i repeat, VERY concerned. either my muse is crazy or I am...not sure which...


Jan. 30th, 2005 08:26 pm
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and as soon as i've uploaded some of my wallpapers and icons i'm going to post them so i might update a few times tonight m'kay?
wanna_cookie? )
Evil much? ehehehe...
ooh and i have cons! pink high top cons! i was shopping yesterday with mum (well we were in the city and decided to browse cause i needed shoes to wear with my pink clothes because i only had my red sneaks.) and we walked into rowe and jarman? anyway i was looking around going "nup, nup, nup...hey pink cons!" and i made mum buy them =P so i have pink cons.
LotR_wallpapers )
LotR_chicks_wallpapers )
LotR_boys_wallpapers )
okay i'm not posting my icons tonight cause it's getting late and stuff now and i should go to bed but yes, all bow down to my wallpapers! and steal them if you wish it just don't redistribute them amongst friends or i shall be most displeased.
signing out now...
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well i'm inspired. i think i need to start thinking about next years drama monologue lol
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wrote lyrics the other day whilst in music because i had to get the hell out of there, they were a) playing really bad music really loudly and b) i couldn't hear myself or the piano so i went outside. it was all gray and gloomy so i wrote a poem. ).

caitlin, read not amy.
i should post my lyrics ) as well.

jewellery )



Oct. 24th, 2004 11:20 pm
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i actually did the introduction of my lit essay today, plus a bit of the first paragrpah but that sucks so i'm going to redo it. go me. i realised after typing it that i was reiterating the play again and mrs lovatt hates it when i do that and then i get shitty marks. damnit.

watched harvie krumpet before it was on sbs. it's such a good movie, it's only 30 minutes long but it's really funny and touching, you know? and it was one of those clay animation things. harvey was so funny, he had twitchy eyes and his mum taught him all about 'fakts' because he got teased at school. it was a really good movie. also, it was narrated by geoffrey rush, random.

i'm going to post icons. look at me go.

Iconage )

i was going to post pics but photobuxcket is being stupidly slow so fuck it i'll do it later on.

i created the most awesome character the other day, her name is Querin and i gave her my bowler hat and some boots and a trench coat and one lace glove and this top that says "you're all SHEEP!". she is officially the coolest character i have ever thought of. anyone up for an rp? i need a plot line to go with her though, damnit. all in good time i suppose.

ah! ah! ah! i finally managed to post the second chapter of not amy! go me!

also also, i got the fabric for my balldress yesterday! *squees* i'm going to take a pic of it at some point and then post it up here so you can all see the pretty pretty fabric. it's all pastelly and patternedy and sari fabric like. ^_^ i was so exctied when i got it. and there was this random old lady in the shop called ellen and she and all her friends loved it and i told them it was going to be my ball dress and they all squeed as well, it was hilarious.

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also, I have FINALLY posted the first chapter of not amy on my fictionpress account so go looky looky and review damn you! yeah i'm talking to you! you who is reading my lj! go read not amy. link on the side of my lj, go go, now!





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