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Title: Three Minutes
Rating/warning: PG-13 for themes and some coarse language
Spoilers: season two
Genre: angst but with a hopeful ending
Summary: First person Claire POV. Her stream of consciousness during her two main scenes in 2x22 “Three Minutes”
Disclamaimer: Who here noticed that I spelled that wrong? If you did, make note of it in your comment. Yes I’m totally going to avoid writing a proper one of these. You all know I’m not getting paid for this anyways.

I hear his voice before I realise he’s even there – he barely acknowledges me before turning his attention to Aaron. Lovely. Way to make me feel ignored Charlie. Oh and now you want to know if I’ve seen Eko do you? Well I’ll keep it blunt and maybe then you’ll go away and leave me in peace like I clearly want you to. )
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I see friends shaking hands saying 'How do you do?' they're really saying 'I love you...' )

I also just found this site on an old LJ entry:

It's freakin' hilarious! Go check it out guys, srsly.
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Title: I Remember
Rating: PG for mild themes
Spoilers: 2x02, MoSMoF
Summary: Charlie reflects on Arzt’s death. A companion piece to my fanfiction “550 Peanuts” although this can be read alone. Takes place just before the C/C scene in "Adrift"
Disclaimer: *runs and hides from police* I didn’t steal Lost! I swear! I’m going to give it back in due course! *cringes*

Read "550 Peanuts" here:

Charlie didn’t answer. He hadn’t known Arzt well, but the man had had a sense of humour dry and black enough to match his and enough snap in his voice to make even the lamest comebacks seem cutting somehow. )
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Title: Tarpaulins and Hair Elastics
Spoilers: set after Lockdown but before Three Minutes.
Summary: Claire is having a bad day. A really bad day. And the one person she doesn’t want to come and make her feel better? Well he does just that.
Disclaimer: If I could bid for the rights to Lost on eBay, I so would. In the meantime, I don’t own Lost, I’m not making any profit and all that jazz. Enjoy!
Authors Note: So I got inspired by finally getting to see the last few episodes of season two. Plus I’m trying to get over my writers block for “the Other”. Enjoy!

‘I don’t hate you,’ ~ ‘Fine. You’ve been ignoring me because you’re secretly in love with me. Tell me what’s wrong anyway.’ )

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season one )

season two – contains spoilers for the season finale! )

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So. I made a resolution that I wouldn't read any spoilers/the transcripts/look at the promo pics or anything for 2x23, Live Together, Die Alone.


When my flist is THIS excited do you think I'd NOT read the spoilers/the transcripts/look at the promo pics or anything for that episode? I THOUGHT SO!

*is currently downloading a choice scene from it and will write a lengthy squeeing post when I have seen it in its entirety*
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Title: Food, Music and Peanut Butter
Spoilers: up to 2x04, Everybody Hates Hugo
Genre: lots of fluff
Summary: Charlie’s stream of consciousness after he finds out about what’s in the hatch to the time he goes and asks Hurley for the peanut butter.
Disclaimer: Lost still isn’t mine. But hell, maybe the franchise will be auctioned off on eBay one day. A girl can dream right?
A/N: Wrote this a week or so ago, just forgot to post it =P

all I want is kissing you and music, music, music )

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Title: Run Katie, Run
Characters: Kate, Charlie
Spoilers: set after 2x09, What Kate Did but deals with stuff from 2x10, the 23rd Psalm
Summary: Kate will always need to run and she knows Jack will never be able to fix her.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Evie, Dom or the characters they portray on Lost. Sorry for stealing them but my muse said she’d eat my brain if I didn’t write this all down. The lyrics in the cut are from “What Katie Did” by The Libertines
A/N: I just wrote this! In like, twenty minutes! And its my first Kate-centric fic so please be nice

safety pins are none too strong Katie... )
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how’d you get shot anyway? With a gun? )

So yesterday the kids at dancing were being absolute horrors. I nearly lost it on the floor - as in I was about to just burst into tears. Somehow I managed to hold it together and then Kerryl told me that I didn't really need to teach the tapping class and I went up the back to talk to mum and she took one look at me, put down her knitting and just went "Come on, do you want to go for a walk down on the river? Let's go...clear the cobwebs out."

So she drove me down to the river, right next to Tompkins on the swan and I remembered how just a couple of month ago I was there with all my friends and we were paying homage to the past five crazy years and it made me feel sad to know that they're gone because as hard as they were and as much as I couldn't wait for them to end, there was comfort in sitting outside the art block every day and knowing that we were all there for each other. It also got me sad about Blair again but that's getting better now. Still missing her like crazy - it's weird, when you miss people it hits you at the oddest times. It felt better when I started walking. I think I really needed to get out I think and have some time to think and I felt like I was in a really deep place - like I was walking along looking at the sky and the trees and I could feel all the weight lifting off my chest and it felt so GOOD to realise how beautiful this world really is - how beautiful it's always been. Mum reckons I shouldn't be so hard on myself and that if I just let things happen then they'll happen easier.

I suppose she's probably right.
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It's official. I am NEVER taping Lost on my VCR again. The reception in my room is shithouse and so the recording was all fucked up, I couldn't hear half the sound and the picture kept going all screwed up and just...ROAR. So annoyed. From what I COULD see however, I did my usual recap/squee thing.

…And Found )
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four meme )

Title: Punching Trees
Rating: PG-13 for much swearing!
Genre: angst. I repeat, this is not a humour fic whatever the title might suggest
Summary: Charlie is prepared to wallow in his own self pity but Claire wants to know why he would do what he did and she wont rest until she knows.
Spoilers: Up to Fire + Water
Disclaimer: give me an F! A! N! F! I! C! T! I! O! N! And we all know what that spells don’t we? Yep that’s right, I don’t own (or even pwn) Lost and all of the characters and situations therein – I just borrow them from time to time for my own sadistic writing pleasures. And the lyrics used in the cut are from Jimmy Eat World’s “The Drug’s Don’t Work”.

now the drugs don’t work, they just make you worse but I know I’ll see your face again )
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So on Friday night Blair rang and we talked for like two hours - it was great to be able to philosophise about Harry Potter again, and she was looking up the Black Family tree at one point and found Remus' birthday! (March 10th if you wanted to know) We were so utterly squeeful. Then last night, after my course was done, I went and saw "Walk The Line" with Mum, Linda, Annie, Dad and my Nan (who is driving again! No more buggered up, just-operated-on knee!)

Can I just say that Walk The Line is awesome? Okay. IT'S AWESOME. Joaquin Phoenix is brilliant, as is Reese Witherspoon but seriously, good. My dad even thought it was alright - which is awesome praise because he's a HUGE Johnny Cash fan. I loved the first bit when the camera is sort of moving closer to Folsom and all you can hear is the bass to Walk The Line and it's such an utterly orgasmic bass line even without it pumping through surround sound speakers - I was just like *guh*.

Then Linda took me over to Kathryn's and Rachel, Kristie, Kathryn and I had a Monty pYthon marathon. Which means that we watched the Meaning of Life and then fell asleep half way through Holy Grail because it was like five in the morning and we were knackered. Then there was much girly bonding and Kristie went to her dad's surprise birthday party and Kathryn and Rachel and I dangled our feet in the pool and nattered about various things. It was nice to catch up with some of my girls again - I've been missing everyone!

Well it wouldn't be a proper post without yet more Lost fanfiction so here y'are, and enjoy!

NOTE: This is a double fic post - mostly because I have too many fanfics to post and these are both relatively short but also because they're basically set at about the same sort of time, around 2x10. Hope you enjoy!

Title: Letters
Rating: PG-13 for language
Spoilers: 2x10
Summary: After Claire finds out about the heroin, she writes in her diary and Charlie finds a spare piece of paper to write his own thoughts down.
Disclaimer: You know the drill. Not mine.

I’m writing too much now, wasting paper and ink with words you’ll never read anyway... )

Title: Nightmare
Rating/warnings: PG-13 for angst and creepy factor
Summary: Charlie gets so caught up in his own dream that when he wakes he thinks he’s still dreaming.
Spoilers: up to 2x10
Disclaimer: Oh how I wish this was mine all mine, mine, mine...
A/N: The plot bunnies attack and I obey. Not my strongest work but it needed to be written or my muse would have been hitting me over the head with a cardboard tube for the past few weeks.

The woman before him was familiar but impossible. Long hair. Soft eyes. Pale, almost ashen skin. And in her arms – Charlie swallowed hard – she held a bloody swaddle of cloth... )
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Well...last nights Lost was pretty pointless.

2x03Orientation )
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I'm a qualified Personal Trainer now! I finished my course yesterday!

Wow. I'm also like, living at dancing this year, I'm doing so much teaching atm! I taught the Friday Ballet 1's this morning, they're all like, 4yo or under. So cute but lots of saliva and crying @_@

Anyways. Anyone need a personal trainer? Lol.

Adrift - my thoughts )

Icons: Dom, Emilie, Harry Potter, Misc, Lost
Teasers: Image hosting by Photobucket Image hosting by Photobucket Image hosting by Photobucket Image hosting by Photobucket Image hosting by Photobucket



Feb. 3rd, 2006 10:02 am
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Sorry I didn't update last night but I was tired. So basically... OMGLOOOOSSST!

So the special on Wednesday was complete and utter shit. Basically a really bad recap of the first season which jumped about too much. They focused on Jack, Sawyer and Locke - none of the women's backstories and there was maybe two minutes of Charlie and/or Claire footage at all. So I was miffed but never mind because last night, LAST night I FINALLY GOT TO WATCH MOSMOF.

I was practically twitching with happiness, waiting for it to come on. And because I'm nice and considerate, in case any of my aussie friends on here haven't seen it yet i'll even do a cut on what I thought.

Man of Science, Man of Faith )

One of the guys at my course said he'd burn the first 12 eps of s2 onto CD for me as well - he's d/led them which is awesome. I also made icons recently which I must post AND more fanfiction *is a fanfiction whore*

Went for my first driving lesson today - did lots of figure 8's in a carpark which was fun. Should be fun when his manual cars all fixed next week and I try and drive that @_@ I'm so going to crash lol.

Finishing my course next week on Thursday and THEN I have dancing start up again as well as Shine. My timetable thus far:

Monday: Shine - production type stuff as a chorus member so lots of dancing!
Tuesday: Singing (Chris) and Ballet (@ dancing)
Wednesday: teaching and troupes (@ dancing)
Thursday: teaching and solos (@ dancing)
Friday: possibly morning and evening teaching (@ dancing)
Saturday: Shine teaching in morning (musical theatre classes) Dancing from 11-12 then Shine in the afternoon
Sunday: Sleep all day and recover for the week ahead.

And then Tim suggests that we do a sleepover thing once a week. I'm sorry, no that's not feasible for me at the moment. I need my own resources to get to and from and get everything done I want to therefore I need to be at home. I need to get a day job though, for Monday-Thursdays so I can get money to pay for stuff. Mum reckons I should contribute to the internet bill =P and I guess that's fair enough.

Nemind nemind. I shall see you all soon with icons and fanfiction hopefully!

Also, a very Happy Birthday to [profile] whatever_we_are! I'm sending much love and birthday wishes to you today sweetie! Hope you have a brilliant day.
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Tomorrow night. TOMORROW NIGHT.

And "Destination Lost" is on tonight too which shall be fun. Hopefully they tell me something I don't already know =P
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I've got Lost on the brain. In particular my OTP. Is it bad to have a dream about your OTP? Because I had a dream the other day about C/C, they were sitting on the beach (think Confidence Man location and clothing) and then next thing they stand up and snog each other! COMPLETELY RANDOM. o.O;

Good Lord I'm far too obsessed with this show.

And here's some more proof of my obsessiveness. MORE fanfiction. In celebration of MOSMOF finally airing here on Thursday. There shall be much rejoicing for all Australian Lost fans.

Title: The Caves
Spoilers: up to Confidence Man, 1x08
Summary: Jack watches as Charlie shows Claire around the caves and then goes to talk to him whilst she sleeps.
Disclaimer: Uh huh, yeah I know. Still not mine.

It wasn’t that he’d forgotten how pregnant Claire was, he just hadn’t seen her in a few days and had put her a little further back on his “to-do” list. )
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OMG. The latest promo pics from 2x12 of Lost, the latest season two Charlie-centric episode are just...just... squee. Like seriously, SQUEE.

Anyways. So I'm downloading a bunch of programs at the same time which isn't really worknig all that well because dad FINALLY got Linux off my computer so I'm on that atm. If Limewire doesn't stop being a piece of crap I'm just going to give up and stop in a minute because it's preventing me from installing a good version of msn. Grah. Anyways. It looks like we're going to exceed internet this month again, I've been on a fair bit because my flist has exploded again and mum's been on today and so's dad so...yeah. He also got a flat, LCD computer screen for himself. I was like roar, I'm the only one who could really benefit from that because of my icon-making but he's like "MINE." I shouldn't really complain, he went out and randomly bought me a set-top box the other day because my TV reception died in a hole. Oh well.

I went to have a shower a few minutes ago, went to get a towel and nearly twisted my ankle in the dark. On a pair of buffalo horns. That's right, buffalo horns. As in the animal. Seriously, WTF? It wasn't so bad when they were colelcting dust in mum and dad's room but now they're living under the dining table and it sucks! I say we toss em out but dad's like "Nooooo, they were a present..." I reckon the only reason the guy GAVE them to dad was cos he didn't want them, they were too big and annoying! Roar. Am going to post icons now.

14 spoilerish icons for episode 2x12 of Lost - don't look Caitlin! )


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