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...why isn't there a Sherlock fanvideo to this song yet?

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I have a horrible feeling I'll be listening to them on repeat until I go to bed :P which is probably not going to be for a while which is bad because I need to get up in the morning to go and teach 2-4 year olds how to dance.

ETA: I just got up to the swelly violiny bit in "One More Miracle" where the camera sweeps around to show Sherlock watching John...fdhalkfjahdlfks dead.
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Songs ripped from the BBC Doctor Who Proms here including a rather gorgeous rendition of "This Is Gallifrey/Vale Decum" (i.e. awesome song from the S3 soundtrack and Ten's regeneration music), a new version of "Song of Freedom" from S4 and a whole boatload of goodies from S5 OMG HOLY CRAP YOU GUYS.

*ahem* So when exactly are we getting the official soundtrack for the specials/season five?! COME ON BBC, THIS IS JUST NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

*snuggles into Murray Gold and his spectacular self*

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WHY Russell T. Davies must you insist on ripping my heart out and squeezing it like a stress ball?! HONESTLY. I'm always fine until it gets to the end where it's just Rose Byrne and Peter O'Toole and she's telling him that Henriette sent her to look after him and just...GOD. D: The two of them are just phenomenal in that scene - especially Rose. I cry every time I watch it, it's like Doomsday all over again. The man might be a psycho angst whore to rival every other angsty fanwriter on the internet but STILL. He's definitely got me wrapped around his bloody little finger.

Other points of merit include David Tennant shagging everything in sight and then looking ridiculously pretty while he angsts (seriously, it should be illegal how pretty he looks when he angsts - ILLEGAL I tells ya!). I also just realised that Ms. Hartigan from "The Next Doctor" played baby!Casanova's mum! AWESOME. I love British TV, they just seem to circulate the same dozen actors for everything :D I love it. Nina Sosanya was also spectacular, but then she's been good in everything I've seen her in really.

I'm also currently listening to the love theme (the only frakking song I can get from the soundtrack because OH YES, IT DOESN'T ACTUALLY EXIST) and oh Murray Gold, why does your music have to be so gorgeous? As far as composers for TV in particular go, he's right up there with Michael Giacchino for me which is saying A LOT because Giacchino has done some of the most SPECTACULAR stuff on Lost (amongst other things). I love you Michael and Murray!

Right. Very tired now, must go to bed. Ciao, ciao!

xoxo sapph
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Somebody called [personal profile] canadian_turtle has started a Christmas Music Sharing Meme over on their journal and I just uploaded some of my own here so for those of you who like songs of that genre or you need some new stuff head on over there. Seriously, there's some awesome songs over there, all sorts of genre's and from different countries.

I'm totally KILLING my download limit.
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I just downloaded the Lost Season Three soundtrack and can I just say - the show may continue to fuck with us, disappoint us and just generally be crap over the next two seasons but honestly? Who can deny that the music on this show is absolutely kick ass? And this is only after listening to like, four songs.

Michael Giacchino - you are an amazing composer and the saving grace in an otherwise slowly dying concept. You are awesome.

And now I'm off to listen to the rest of the songs...

Omg we're onto the first Desmond theme...*dies of happy*
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Meme snagged from [personal profile] mistojen

1. Open your music collection and set the songs to shuffle/random.
2. Take the first 30 and write one line from each.
3. As people guess the songs, strike them.

Songs marked with a * had the title in the first line/verse so I’ve put down the next line/chorus instead

Somebody shake me cause I, I must be sleeping... )
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Title: Feels Like Home: A Season Three Charlie/Claire Mix
Fandom: Lost
Characters/Pairings: Charlie Pace/Claire Littleton
Notes/Warnings: contains more Avril Lavigne and Linkin Park

it feels like home to me )

Dedicated to all the Charlie and Charlie/Claire fans out there – long may we flourish and prosper henceforth in AU! Also, a thank you must go to [personal profile] hopelessfangirl for recommending and uploading “Swallowed by the Sea”.
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Title: Nobody’s Home
Fandom: Lost Season One
Characters/Pairings: Claire Littleton, Kate Austen, Sun Kwon, Shannon Rutherford
Notes/Warnings: may contain 90’s pop, Elton John and Avril Lavigne

she wants to go home, but nobody's home )

Also, on an unrelated note - I just found this picture on and I swear, my ovaries just exploded. I think I need to do a Dom+babies picspam because seriously, Dom + Babies = OMGSOCUTE.
Image Hosted by

I might post it with my pretty, pretty Emilie de Ravin picspam that's been in the works for like, two months now =P
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the ultimate music survey! )


This message brought to you by every single muscle in my body - particularly my trapezius, my hamstrings, my hip flexors, my triceps, my get the idea.


Teaching and general class last Saturday.
Jazz class on Wednesday night.
Ballet class on Thursday.
Teaching 5- kids on Friday morning.
Teaching and general class today.


That is all.
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All fans of LotR and/or Lost on my flist? (aka most of you...) WATCH THIS:

I totally get goosebumps from watching this, it's just TOO awesome.

If your life was a movie, what would the soundtrack be? MEME )
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weird things meme )

Seven songs meme )

Letter Meme )

And last meme! An icon meme stolen from [profile] lozzy_babe06

Icon Meme )

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Meme’s stolen from [profile] spread_the_fun

memeage - which group do I belong in? )

I’m a metalhead! Wtf? With Hippie/Drama Dork coming a tied second!

music )
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Doctor Unheimlich has diagnosed me with
Ellin's Lurgy
Cause:eating spicy food
Symptoms:hydrophobia, buzzing noises, hair tangling
Cure:infect someone else
Enter your name, for your own diagnosis:

username + music meme )

Fandom meme stolen from everyone and their uncle... )

new meme! )


Mar. 21st, 2006 12:43 pm
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Step 1: Put your MP3 player or whatever on random.
Step 2: Post the first line from the first 20 songs that play, no matter how embarrassing the song.
Step 3: Post and let everyone you know guess what song and artist the lines come from.
Step 4: Strike out the songs when someone guesses correctly.
Step 5: Looking them up on Google or any other search engine is CHEATING!

meme )
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OMFG am so pissed off! Cat Power is performing with the Blind Boys of Alabama in NY in November! *woes*
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5 Dom, 14 Lost
icons )

Also, for those of you who care I am so loving the font ITC Avant Garde Gothic for no other reason than when you type LOST it looks spiffy and rather like the opening title credits on the show if I could be bothered skewing it and blurring it and…whatever. I like the font okay?
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okay so i found out why cubase didn't work last week. the fucking electric keyboard wasn't fucking plugged into the fuxcking computer *twitches*

in other news, yet again life is all go go go angst angst angst as usual. i wrote a drabble. i should really post it on here. but that means i have to turn my computer back on again and transfer the file and... ah fuck it i'm gonig to get the fucken drabble...

*sound of ellin running from the room*
*sound of ellin running back*

lucky you, you also get another cookie for not amy...ah don't yell at me now, you love it. i really need to finish that chapter though...after homework ellin, after homework...

drabble )

writings )

not_amy_cookie )
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wrote lyrics the other day whilst in music because i had to get the hell out of there, they were a) playing really bad music really loudly and b) i couldn't hear myself or the piano so i went outside. it was all gray and gloomy so i wrote a poem. ).

caitlin, read not amy.
i should post my lyrics ) as well.

jewellery )

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i'm thinking of changing my username/email to something else. any suggestions? i really like that thing from that poem i read today, lonely pride but i dunno. i'm just so sick of sapphire_child, it sounds so juvenile now. damnit.

and to change my lj name i'd have to pay money, so i think it'd be easier to just start a new lj


also, download Julia by Pavlov's Dog. Is it a guy or a chick? You tell me.


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