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So about four years ago I wrote and posted one of my last Lost fanfictions - a little AU Charlie/Claire vignette called We Could Have Had The World. It had the two of them living in a house together in Othersville, with Charlie trying to get over the aftermath of The Looking Glass. The fic included a scene of him playing Clair de lune on the piano and having a mini flashback to playing it for Claire on his guitar when she was pregnant.

Well guess what I found on youtube?

^_^ ah memories...
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If you don't like RPF or real person shipping please don't even both checking this out. Just sayin' :P

someone else's dream
a minimix+picspam
Image Hosted by

Click on the cover image for a link to my creative journal.
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THIS. So much.

DIAF Lost.

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I was just watching this video earlier and it suddenly struck me when I saw the footage of Rose with Pete as he lay dying how similar it was to the camera work on The Stolen Earth. Which of course, resulted in a mini picspam.

Click on the image to go to my graphics journal.
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From the moment Matt emerged from the smoking TARDIS and walked straight into a tree, he was the Doctor. His physical performance easily stood out from his recent predecessors: Eccleston was a tiger, and Tennant was, well, Tigger. Smith reminded me of an uncoordinated housecat who pretends that he meant to do that after falling off a piece of furniture.

Pinning celery to your lapel, however cute, is an affectation; willingly wearing a fez throughout half an episode is an arms-wide acknowledgement that you embrace your comical image. I have no doubt that Matt Smith would surrender to slipping on a banana peel or getting hit in the face with a cream pie without a second thought if the story called for it. I mean, just look at him dance. It’s like watching a monkey jam a fork into a wall outlet. How is that not endearing to kids?
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For those who missed my last post about this, if you can help with the flood disaster in Queensland by bidding or writing in [ profile] waltzmatildah's fic auction - or even just by donating or raising awareness about what's going on over there by pimping it out I would be so amazingly grateful.

I've also just put myself up for bids here - if anybody would prefer to get icons from me instead.

I just...there's nothing else on the news but this flood at the moment and it's only getting worse. There's an area the size of Texas underwater and it's so deep in places that some people are having to duck underneath powerlines as they travel through via boat.

Just, please, please if you can, try to help out.
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Tides Tell Time: Part Two

Warning: this fanmix/picspam may
contain lots of pretty graphics, gratuitous
Shania Twain and a naughty word.
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Fandom: Doctor Who
Subject: the Tenth Doctor
Title: tides tell time: part one
Warnings: one song with language in part two.
Notes: includes a weird mish mash of songs from such artists as Matchbox 20, The Whitlams, Linkin Park and a couple of musicals.

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Omg, Karen Gillan is kind of adorable....

So nice to see her with a bit of colour in her cheeks! I know, random post is random but I just think she looks really radiant and wanted to share. Love the hair, love the dress (for once!) and doesn't she just look all round gorgeous?

*squishes her*

Pictures courtesy of [profile] mata090680.
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220 Doctor Who/Cast/Manips
06 Doctor Who/Lost

TEASERS: Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

( Part One: Icons )

11 Doctor Who + variations

09 David/Billie Rose/Ten2
06 Doctor Who

04 Doctor Who + variations


( Part Two: Headers, Manips and Wallpapers )
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I have had the most amazing response to my Eleven/Rose picspam that I've since been inspired to actually update it with yet more stuff! Thank you so, so much to everyone who has commented and especially to those of you who gave me even MORE ideas and inspired me to make it bigger and better. I really hope you like the new graphics :)

xoxo sapph
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Songs ripped from the BBC Doctor Who Proms here including a rather gorgeous rendition of "This Is Gallifrey/Vale Decum" (i.e. awesome song from the S3 soundtrack and Ten's regeneration music), a new version of "Song of Freedom" from S4 and a whole boatload of goodies from S5 OMG HOLY CRAP YOU GUYS.

*ahem* So when exactly are we getting the official soundtrack for the specials/season five?! COME ON BBC, THIS IS JUST NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

*snuggles into Murray Gold and his spectacular self*

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Yes, I know, it's a poor subsitute but it was either this or a cookie from the current (unfinished chapter) and I figured this would be more fun for people :)

Fandom: Doctor Who AU
Characters/Pairings: Rose/Ten, John Smith/Rose
Notes/warnings: Features pop music, musicals and score/instrumental. Some convoluted, lyrical/musical spoilers for the final chapters.

( Lyrics and downloads at my icon journal )
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44 Chaos Verse

03 Chaos Family
05 Chaos Kids
01 Rose+Athena
01 Ten/Rose

Teasers: Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

( they're totes Gershwin fans )
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Mainly on bequest of [profile] coneygoil, have some Lost icons from the season finale of Lost.

44 Lost icons 6x17/18 BEWARE OF SPOILERS

Teasers: Photobucket Photobucket

( spoilers for the final episodes of Lost )


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