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Title: Bus Surfing
Summary: On the side of the road on a December afternoon we could be the only two people left in the world. My second assignment for my Creative Writing class this semester.
Author's Note: For Blair. Happy 20th my darling.

I forget sometimes just how much I miss her. )
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All my past fanfiction and graphics will be public, as will be all my future graphiccing endeavours. All new fanfiction will be posted up on [personal profile] faithandtrust from now on (assuming I write any more).

So basically fandom entries = public, RL entries = friends only.

If you're really aching to read my RL posts and I don't have you friended currently, go to this post and drop me a comment. I promise I'm not scary! If we've got enough in common I should add you back =P
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Comment and credit would be lovely plzthx!

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Brick25: Hello by Evanescence
Lyrics01: Nightblindness by David Gray
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I suddenly have a social life! Who would have thought? So tomorrow night I'm going on a pub crawl with Caitlin for her birthday, Sunday is Neha's birthday lunch and then I'm going to go and see Step Up with the dancing school which shall be fun.

Omg, and I did an induction for this English guy this morning called matthew. He spent the whole thing talking about his boyfriend (yes he's gay, I didn't make a mistake) and how he wants a six pack ^_^ he's so precious, I just want to squish him but obviously I can't cause he's a potential client and that could be seriously detrimental. He's going to get his bf (who btw is rich as) to pay for personal training as well so I was like - huzzah!

Work tonight - blaahhhhh. Don't wanna goooo. Shana had her last day today - kind of odd to think that she's not going to be in there all the time. She can be a right bitch sometimes but she was always pleasant to me and I was more than happy to chat with her.

Also, happy Friday the 13th to everyone! Have a good day, hope nothing too weird happens to youse guys. Mwa!

Anyways. Fanfiction! (because what post of mine would be complete without a fanfiction to accompany it?)

Title: A Matter of Time
Words: 200 (double drabble)
Genre: romance
Summary: two drabbles from Claire and Charlie’s POV respectively. A reflection on where they are at the cusp of season 3.
Authors Note: I didn't get much of a response to "Seven Years" so...I'm thinking maybe you guys are looking more for fluff atm? Just as well I had this in my archives ready to be posted! It's short but enjoy anyway!

Claire )

Charlie )
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I'm trying to get all my Livejournal friends' locations plotted on a map - please add your location starting with this form.
(Then get your friends to!)

So I've been vereh busy the last few days. Wednesday, Mabel and I went and had lunch in the city and then we wandered for a while before I went back to work and forgot to put the bins out =P we had a good time though and a big long chat about boys which was interesting but awesome nonetheless. She was telling me about the guys that seem to be keen on her and how they're all, like, 24 and stuff and I pretty much calmed her down a bit by telling her that my last bf was 23 (5 years older than me!) and yeah, it can work. Sort of. Unless you're me. =P I'm just too busy.

Today I caught a bus at some ungodly hour to g to Kristie's to catch up with Blair. I was going to cancel my client in the afternoon cause I am feeling SO sick right now. Argh, so much coughing and just...blahhhh! But yeah, she'd already rung the gym to cancel so i was like "whoot!" and we all went over to Rachel's and spent the afternoon playing dress ups =P lol. In preparation for the Yule Ball themed party at Kathryn's tomorrow night which I SO have to get to, omg. Uhm...yeah after we played dress ups, we watched Brokeback Mountain (minus the last ten minutes) and then we went and watched "Over The Hedge". Omg, hilarious. Not the best movie I've ever seen but it had its momemts ^__^

So. Tomorrow I've got a few clients in the morning, then four people booked in that night, I have to help close at 9pm and then I need to try and transport myself from Cannington to Murdoch =P I'm going to have to grovel to Lisa majorly. Plus I think my musical theatre class is starting again on Saturday so I'll have to not drink/get some sleep which'll suck majorly. PLUS we start convention on Saturday arvo - omg so exciting! *bounces* and for once, I know what we're doing! Tap Dogs - dressed as DOGS. Thats right, you heard me. Its going to be tres awesome. Well now I have to go - I shall speak to you all anon. Hope everyone's doing okay! Much love to you all!

hell, why not have some domilie manips while i'm at it eh? )

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memes )

So nothing of note has happened. Got a buttload of clothes from Blair this morning before mum came and got me. I then proceeded to clean my room for no apparent reason apart from I feel like I need to get rid of some of the ties I have with the past, like useless trinkets I've hoarded for years. My life is about to completely change and in order to get ready for that change, I think I have to start making changes now, just small ones.
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Whoa flist is rather spammed O.O I haven't been on for only three days or so! Dude! *runs off to read*

I just cleaned my room, I feel so proud. Don't you all feel special that I cleaned my room because everyone's coming over for le birthday party?

And for those of you who wanted to know what I want for mah birthday, have a list.
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So I'm doing an assignment for music thinking "I'll do this CD package thing for Cat Power. In particular, the song Werewolf on the basis that I like the song." so I look up werewolf in google image search. A lego website pops up. I get kind of scared and click the thumbnail...
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Need I say more?
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Glompcons = 1 Elijah/Billy, 2 Billy, 7 Dom, 1 Orli, 1 Sean
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Other = 5 Dom, 4 LotR, 19 Lost
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okay so i found out why cubase didn't work last week. the fucking electric keyboard wasn't fucking plugged into the fuxcking computer *twitches*

in other news, yet again life is all go go go angst angst angst as usual. i wrote a drabble. i should really post it on here. but that means i have to turn my computer back on again and transfer the file and... ah fuck it i'm gonig to get the fucken drabble...

*sound of ellin running from the room*
*sound of ellin running back*

lucky you, you also get another cookie for not amy...ah don't yell at me now, you love it. i really need to finish that chapter though...after homework ellin, after homework...

drabble )

writings )

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Jesus christ even I didn't think he'd come crawling back this fast. This afternoon/evening I get a phone call. "It's Paul."

Fantastic. So he'd been thinking about it all weekend and was wondering if i'd changed my mind. Fat chance. Then he got mopey again. I told him my decision from the other night was final. wait...FOUR times. Can't he get it through his brain? Just because he's had time to think about it doesn't mean i'll have changed my mind does it? I mean what the fuck? And I said something about my friends being the most important thing to me and he goes "well you're the most important thing to me" GAH! DIDN'T HE THINK IT WAS BAD ENOUGH FOR ME HAVING TO BREAK IT OFF? I mean christ on a bike! And he said he'd back off and give me some space but he wouldn't have, he's too clingy like. He wont be coming by our group anymore at recess to walk me to tute. I'll have time to be with you all again without having to care that he's uncomfortable. Thank god it's over. Thank god.

He'd best not come crawling back again or i'll scream. I really will. Also, Blair, is it true you punched him on friday? Cos if so then kudos to you chook! *huggles* I nearly burst out laughing when he told me then i said that my friends were quite protective of me.

Icons! All original! i feel so proud! ^_^

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Elijah )

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Harry )

Go my budget icons. oh so many budget icons. ^_^ i'm quite proud of my budgety icons. steal em and use if you want i dun care.

Look at my spiffy icon that i have at the moment! Isn't it spiffy? *sings* Danielle is going to steal it. It's rocks. I had to resize it so i could use it on here but i feel proud cause i found it and its spiffy.

Note to self: do not watch sentimental disney movies about animals when you're tired and have just had a pet die recently, you WILL cry. Stupid homeward bound. Also, for those of you who haven't read it, the bull terrier was the old dog and the golden retriever the young one not the other way around. damnit.

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Mmmn. Good random play. Well my subject is pretty much all i wanted to say. Oh and im still cold and should put the heater on...

stupid contact lenses are drying my eyes out and ive only had them in for like seven hours or so... hmmn


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The Casey fiasco finished and so yes she's sitting with us again.

This is old news.

Why am I posting this?

Nobody is talking to me.

I might download dads mail and go...




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