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literal and metaphorical Nine/Rose, Ten/Rose, PG
Two times the swimming pool was in the library before Eleven’s regeneration. One literal, the other mostly metaphorical. Written for this prompt at the [community profile] doctor_rose_fix summer ficathon.

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For you, dear, anything Ten2/Rose, PG
He loves how young she is, how joyously she tilts her face up to the thin patch of grey sky above them – as if it isn’t even raining, as if the skies are the bluest of blues and her mascara isn’t puddling beneath her eyes like an errant racoon. 1175 words.

They’re Bite Size! Nine/Rose, G
“They’re good waffles them.” he commented as he began idly dinging a bell on the console. “Even if they’re using false advertising to sell ‘em – saying that they’re bite size.”
A/N: many thanks to the creators and writers of Dead Like Me from whom I have shamelessly stolen several lines of dialogue, the waitress, and the name of the restaurant. A cookie to anyone who a) watched the show and b) can place the lines I’ve stolen.

And after all; you’re my... Ten2/Rose, PG-13
In the boiling steam and underneath the rushing sound of water he finally allows himself to weep – with terror, with rage. With the utter despair of a mortal man faced for the very first time with his own mortality. 1,414 words.
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Title: put da lime in the coconut you drink ‘em both up
Fandom: Doctor Who
Rating/warnings: G
Genre: fluff
Character/s: Ten/Rose
Spoilers: after The Idiot’s Lantern but draws an oblique reference (in my personal canon at least) to Planet of the Dead (with no spoilers)
Summary: After the billionth cold planet Rose wants to go somewhere warm and the Doctor has a hankering for a banana daiquiri. Chaos, flirting and silliness at a hotel somewhere in the Asia Pacific region ensues (not necessarily in that order). Written for challenge 28 at [profile] then_theres_us
Disclaimer: Doctor Who and all associated characters/situations etc do not belong to me, I’m just borrowing them.
Authors Note: This fic was spawned from my musings on why Ten didn’t have his aviator sunnies on hand in “Planet of the Dead”. Let’s just say this is why ;)

( “You look like a raccoon,” the Doctor said gleefully. “A raccoon tangled up in a blonde wig.” )
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Title: Half a World Away
Fandom: Doctor Who
Rating/warnings: PG
Genre: angst, romance
Character/s: Ten/Rose, Donna
Spoilers: The Stolen Earth
Summary: This – he thinks – this is the most amazing feeling in the world. To want and miss somebody for so long and then to know that finally, finally you can have them. And even better, to not be afraid of wanting them. Ten’s thoughts during that scene in TSE.
Disclaimer: Doctor Who and all it’s associated characters/situations etc do not belong to me, I’m just borrowing them. Lyrics in the cut and used for the title are from Half a World Away by Secret Garden.

I would cross the universe for you but what good would it do if you weren’t even there? ‘Til you return, until your way is clear – I will be here, not half a world away. )
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Title: We Could Have Had The World
Rating/warnings: PG
Genre: romance, angst
Character/s: Charlie, Claire
Spoilers: goes AU after the season three finale. Make of that what you will yeah?
Summary: Charlie can’t sleep but instead of keeping Claire up, he chivalrously decides to go and occupy himself with the piano in the house they have commandeered in Othersville.
Disclaimer: all belongs to ABC and etcetera.
Author’s Note:written for [personal profile] hopelessfangirl’s luau prompt of Charlie/Claire. Special thanks to [profile] kellysparrow who managed to kick my muse in the butt with her own wonderful luau offering. Written in one helluva rush and I am definitely rusty after my unexpected fanfiction hiatus so her majesty will have to excuse me if it’s not up to my usual standard!

( Charlie was finding it impossible to sleep at night. )
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 photo Pilot_zps9328e871.png

Title: Pilot
Spoilers: Season one, episode one! Wow, we’re really going back to origins with this one aren’t we?
Summary: The first two days after the crash. Charlie and Claire POV respectively. See my Author’s Note below for more details on the plot.
A/N: I got bunnied for this after re-watching “Pilot” part I and II with the audio-commentary and noticing certain scenes where Charlie and Claire could have possibly first seen each other. Oh and yes I do admit that I’m a terrible, terrible Fangirl to have even thought of this idea, let alone written it ;P


Pilot )

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Title: Cold Nights
Rating: G
Genre: fluff
Warnings: none from season two
Summary: When the nights begin to get colder, Charlie finds yet another excuse to be chivalrous – and to do a bit of shameless flirting while he’s at it!
Disclaimer: Do you know how hard it is to make all of my disclaimers different and witty after a fashion? Man it’s hard. So just so you know, Lost isn’t mine. And stuff.



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Well I ended up with a tie so that means you’re getting a double fic post this time around. These fics may seem a little ooc at the moment with all the C/C angst flying around in season two (or so I’ve read…) so here’s some fluff anyway and I hope you all enjoy!

 photo AreWeDancing_zps9ec9d0d0.png

Title: Are We Dancing?
Rating/warning: G
Genre: Fluff
Summary: “Tonight was different from all the other nights that the crash survivors had spent here in this place. Tonight everyone had agreed not to just sit about and wait to be rescued or attacked like they’ve done every other night. Tonight they were going to dance.”
Disclaimer: I may not own Lost but I sure as hell own this fanfiction and all events portrayed herein so...nyah!


Dancing )

Title: Tea
Rating: G
Genre: fluff, ficlet, one shot
Characters: Charlie, Claire, Aaron
Summary: Charlie and Claire talk about tea and the lack thereof on the island.
Spoilers: none of note


Tea )

Reviews are love.
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 photo Capable_zps662567c1.png

Title: Capable 5/5
Author: sapphire_child
Rating: PG
Summary: Reconciliation could be just around the corner for Charlie and Claire...
Disclaimer: Lost is not mine and no I didn’t create/write/direct/star in the series at any point in time *sigh*
Soundtrack: Belief by Gavin DeGraw

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 photo Capable_zps662567c1.png

Title: Capable 4/5
Author: sapphire_child
Rating: PG
Summary: When Charlie is blamed for stealing someone’s watch, someone unexpected comes to his defence…
Disclaimer: still isn’t mine.


Capable 04 )

Fifth and final part coming soon!

Capable 03

Oct. 29th, 2005 11:14 pm
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 photo Capable_zps662567c1.png

Title: Capable 3/5
Author: sapphire_child
Rating: PG
Summary: Claire returns to the beach and Aaron only to find that an unwelcome guest has decided to look after him in her absence…
Claimer: Lost is mine. All mine. Muahahaha!
Disclaimer: Yeah you all know the deal. Not mine, somebody much richer than I owns all of this *sad*


First two chapters can be found here for those who want to recap before reading onwards. Or whatever.

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 photo Capable_zps662567c1.png

Title: Capable 2/5
Author: sapphire_child
Rating: PG
Summary: Alone in the jungle after her confrontation with Charlie, Claire receives counsel from Locke.
Disclaimer: Lost isn’t mine. Happy?
Authors Note: Well you asked for more and surprisingly my muse has obliged! I’ve planned for a five-part fic so hope you enjoy!


For those of you who missed out on the first chapter or would like to rehash before continuing...

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