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Now you’re just somebody that I used to know Eleven/Rose, Amy PG-13
He is lonely despite himself, painting pictures of a girl that he sees only in his dreams. But as dreams turn to nightmare and love to loss the fragile seams of his existence begin to unravel, leaving his companion to pick up the pieces. But who will hold her together? AU set during season five.

Written for the [community profile] doctor_rose_fix Holiday Fix A Thon for this prompt

It’s the 1970’s and he develops a taste for paisley and a dark corduroy coat which is fraying at the cuffs. She tries out bell bottoms and gets a casual job in a little shop and makes sure to come past to make him tea and remind him that he needs to eat every once in a while. )
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Can You See Me Now? Ten/Rose, PG
Travelling with the Doctor is mad, wonderful...and most definitely not a fairytale. Following the shattering loss of Mickey, Rose immerses herself in Disney movies and the Doctor tries desperately to shake her out of funk by taking her to Hal Fador. Happiness, after all, can be found in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light... 2,795 words

( They managed to stay at the Powell Estate for almost a week before the Doctor started going a touch mad. )
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Just Milk Nine/Rose, PG-13
It tends to creep up on him you see, now that he doesn’t sleep much anymore. Not that he was ever big on the activity in the first place, but now when he lets himself...well he tends to wake up like this. Screaming that is. Written for the TTU ficathon and also in honour of [ profile] womenlovefest which is being fabulously run by my good friend [ profile] akzseinga

She wasn’t doing a thing that I could see, except standing there, leaning on the balcony railing, holding the universe together. )
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He was a punk, she did ballet Nine/Rose AU, PG
There is something so much more to it than that though. It’s in the way his eyes soften when she apologises for wasting trips to go and see another ballet when they’ve already seen a million of them. It’s in the way he watches her dance, how willing he is to sneak her into lessons with exclusive ballet companies using the psychic paper...
Written for this prompt at the TTU fic-a-thon.

She doesn’t expect him to tackle her as she walks home and wrestle her dancing bag off her though. Or to turn up at her house a few days later to steal her new Pointe shoes because apparently they’ve been manufactured by an alien company intent on taking over the world. )
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literal and metaphorical Nine/Rose, Ten/Rose, PG
Two times the swimming pool was in the library before Eleven’s regeneration. One literal, the other mostly metaphorical. Written for this prompt at the [community profile] doctor_rose_fix summer ficathon.

Read more... )
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So I just put up a boatload of prompts for this so somebody had better get over there and check out this awesomesauce fic-a-thon! SO looking forward to it, I need to get my writing mojo back into gear.
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Anybody got any sequel/prequel requests for the stuff I've written over on [profile] then_theres_us? The challenge this week is to write something in the same 'verse as one of your own fics from the comm and I thought I'd open up the floor for people to make suggestions. No promises I'll write them but prompts are always welcomed!

You can read all of the fics I've submitted to TTU here.
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Shadow in Plain Sight the Master and implied Ten/Rose, PG-13
Oh but it’s simply marvellous how the Doctor loses her. Rose Tyler is on the list of the dead and he makes certain to attend each and every one of the memorial services. It’s good for his image – dear Harold Saxon who is rising in the polls every day, so sympathetic to those who have lost loved ones in the wake of this terrible, AWFUL tragedy... 3,043
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We bend and creak but never break Rose/TenII, NC-17
Something angsty with smut thrown in somewhere. Focusing on the new found mortality of TenII. He isn’t here, not really. Physically he’s taking up the bed with his long legs and miles of plastic tubing, but Rose just can’t align this fragile looking creature with her Doctor. 4,919 words.
A/N: [ profile] rubberbisquit I really tried to just do angst. I did. But for some reason when you tell my muse to do angst she does fluff instead :P so there’s a bit of both.

To feed a starving man on breadcrumbs, Ten/Rose/Bad Wolf, PG
One finger caresses a sweet line of warmth down his cheek, like a tear of molten gold and he tries desperately hard not to crack in two. Her lips trace the slipstream and come to rest on his chin, trembling as it is. She kisses him there, so softly, and draws back to whisper her love to him like the universes greatest secret. 1244 words

Under the Influence Nine/Rose, Ten/Rose, PG-13
“You don’t scare me!” she says and her voice might be small and she might tremble as she says it but she isn’t afraid. Not really. “The Doctor’d never let anything hurt me. An’ I don’t care what you say, he’s still in there and I’ll bet he’s fightin’ you with everything he’s got!” 1,588 words

Where you tend a rose, a thistle cannot grow Nine/Rose, PG
The Doctor sat vigilant at her bedside and read Lewis Carroll until her feverish brain allowed her to rest, but soon enough she was shaking her head at Kipling’s whimsy and being enchanted by the kindness of Sara Crewe and the transformation of Mary Lennox and by the time she had progressed from broth to solids they’d finished off the bookshelf and he was tramping the ten miles or so back to the TARDIS every other day to find new stories for her. 620 words
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For you, dear, anything Ten2/Rose, PG
He loves how young she is, how joyously she tilts her face up to the thin patch of grey sky above them – as if it isn’t even raining, as if the skies are the bluest of blues and her mascara isn’t puddling beneath her eyes like an errant racoon. 1175 words.

They’re Bite Size! Nine/Rose, G
“They’re good waffles them.” he commented as he began idly dinging a bell on the console. “Even if they’re using false advertising to sell ‘em – saying that they’re bite size.”
A/N: many thanks to the creators and writers of Dead Like Me from whom I have shamelessly stolen several lines of dialogue, the waitress, and the name of the restaurant. A cookie to anyone who a) watched the show and b) can place the lines I’ve stolen.

And after all; you’re my... Ten2/Rose, PG-13
In the boiling steam and underneath the rushing sound of water he finally allows himself to weep – with terror, with rage. With the utter despair of a mortal man faced for the very first time with his own mortality. 1,414 words.


Dec. 10th, 2010 09:19 am
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all that is, all that was (and all of it for him) Ten2/Rose, implied Nine/Rose and Ten/Rose, PG
It’s after a particularly trying day and in the middle of a rather fantastic row that Rose yells at him that’s something along the lines of, “You know what I don’t understand?” and he responds with a sarcastic, “What don’t you understand Rose?” which she then counters with, “If the Bad Wolf could see everything then why didn’t she this?” and all he can really say then is a very confused, “...what?” 1,649 words

the song ends but the story goes on, Eleven, PG
She’s wracked her brain, searching fantastical childhood stories for a fable where they were said but has always come up blank. She’s searched the internet, read books and diaries and hunted through the endless papers left behind by her kin. But she still doesn’t know what the cryptic eulogy means and it bothers her immensely though she couldn’t tell you why. 1, 138 words
A/N: Oh my god. I don’t even.

Tapestry Doctor/Rose, PG
She has lived many lives. She has been Empress and peasant, dictator and anarchist rebel. A wise old woman with the power of healing in her hands and a child who barely made it to the age of three-and-a-half and liked picture books and the pink shoes with the buckles – the ones she was buried in. 608 words.
A/N: shamelessly uses lyrics from Carole King’s beautiful song, Tapestry. You have been warned.

It is just that Ten2/Rose, PG
It’s the little things, always the little things 157 words

Diving into the wreck implied Ten/Rose, Martha
This is a story about a boat adrift on storm tossed seas that is missing both an oar and its second rower. About the futility of rowing in circles, waiting for a love that will never return. This is the wreck of who he is without her, the things that he misses and all the little rememberings that burn behind the eyes. 341 words.
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Oh, this kiss! This kiss! Ten/Rose, PG
Turning to look at Rose, still gazing fondly at the message on the wall and biting her lip in that endearing way she has, he decides very abruptly to do something very foolish and not the least bit reckless. 375 words
A/N: spoilers for this deleted scene from Army of Ghosts.
( They’re on their way to Jackie’s flat, Rose laden down with a backpack bursting with washing and the Doctor swinging their linked hands when he sees it. )

Girly Things, Nine/Rose, PG
He can’t even figure out where it’s all come from – not unless the bags she brought onboard were somehow bigger on the inside. He’s never seen so much makeup and perfume outside of a department store before. 1,203 words
A/N: I know this is meant to be a S2 Happy challenge but my muse is obviously an idiot and decided that this was meant to be a Nine fic. Apologies for that :P
( He doesn’t even realise just how much she’s taking over until he discovers a collection of human...girl...THINGS in one of the TARDIS washrooms. HIS washroom. )

Black Books, PG, Nine/Rose
They lost the Doctor’s special edition collected works of Austen in the most ridiculous way. Rose, he had quickly discovered, had what the Doctor labelled a ‘blatant disregard for canonic Earth literature’ and in between adventures was doing his best to educate her on Dickens, Ibsen, Wilde, and Adams (Douglas). Amongst others. 2,967
( “Hello Bernard,” the Doctor greeted the dark mop of hair and coat that was slumped over an array of books, empty bottles of wine and about a million post its. The lump however, didn’t move and Rose edged a little closer to the Doctor. )

From here you can almost see the sea, Rose/Ten
She used to orbit around someone like that once too. She used to look around with wide eyed wonder at time and worlds beyond her comprehension. Now she’s here in Barcelona without him, the sun beating down against fragile skin and loneliness beating against her heart like a stone. 573
( I dream of high clouds / flushed with the light of daybreak / I’m gonna dive in / to water so cold it makes your bones ache )

not my style OC, Ten2/Rose
It doesn’t take her long to realise that this heiress and her mystery man are not this establishment’s usual clientele. For starters, they have no compunctions whatsoever about ignoring the cutlery and they share a wide assortment of their food using only their fingers. They know even less about wine than she does and end up ordering Red Creaming Soda instead. And to top it all off, there’s their choices in meals... 1,677 words
( She works in one of those posh, ridiculously over the top restaurants. You know, the kind that’s done up all chandeliers and fake panelling in the walls? Abby thinks it looks like somewhere you’d hold a wedding, not feed the general populace. )

out of dark, to the day’s rising, Ten/Rose, PG
If it weren’t for the fact that their danger of freezing to death is only marginally higher than their dying of boredom then they probably would have stopped pacing their way around the edges of the room a while back now. But the Doctor, of course, is keeping an eye out for any other route of escape. 2,392 words
A/N: wow, this started out as an adventure, turned into fluff, transmogrified into hurt/comfort and then became some heavy romancey/angst. Proceed with caution!
Prompted by [ profile] megans_writing (Near-death experience) and [ profile] juliet316 (blue).
( I’ll have you know that Dyjolufuu is considered a delicacy in the Backardin galaxy! I’ll take you there and PROVE it if you don’t believe me. )

Oh Gertrude! Oh Albert!, Ten/Rose, PG
They land in the heyday of the silent movie (not that they were ever really silent, the Doctor points out smugly. What with the music and all...) and somehow manage to jag an empty cinema – bar the piano player of course. He is dutifully plunking away to the flickering image of an old fashioned Western – complete with wailing damsel in distress tied to the train tracks and a moustache twirling baddie. 895 words
A/N: MORE fluff? From ME? WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY MUSE?! I think I still have one more fic in me for this challenge. We shall see if I can get it finished by the deadline (by which I mean, I'm going to write until I fall asleep and then get up early to finish it before I go shopping for tea with my grandmother :P)
Prompted by [ profile] housemaid79: And sunlight clasps the earth, And the moonbeams kiss the sea; What are all these kissings worth, If thou kiss not me?, Rose needs glasses, Silent Film
( “Oh ALBERT!” the Doctor cuts in with a screeching falsetto that has Rose clutching her sides, tears of mirth rolling down her cheeks. “I lovest thou more than clean socks! I lovest thou more than the moon! More even, than CHIPS WITH VINEGAR!” )

Unstoppable force, immovable object, Nine/Rose, PG
But soon enough he finds himself calculating her trajectory as she bounds across the console room, mapping the angles of her smile, analysing the chemical components of the stuff that she uses on her face and hair...she is an all new type of science you see, and one he is eager to learn. 1,321 words
Prompted by [ profile] juliet316: distance, we’re stronger together than apart [ profile] professor_spork: magnetic poetry
( He is first and foremost, clever. )

Vampire Fever. Nine/Rose with a side of Jack. PG.
The Doctor would forever regret the day that he threw a book at Rose Tyler. Not because she retaliated with a hardback that nearly brained him (she not realising that the cover was solid tungsten) but because the book he had thrown was the first in the Twilight series and she quickly became completely enamoured of the trashy romantic storyline and ploughed through all four books in a manner that was quite alarming.. 1,222 words.
A/N: contains spoilers for the last Twilight book in particular. Also some mild teasing of Twilight fans. You have been warned!
( “What is your problem with Twilight?” Rose demanded. “If you don’t like it that’s fine but you don’t have to rain on my parade...” )

point of origin Rose PG-13
All ghost stories have their origins in some small form of truth. 1,016 words.
( Some folks said she must’ve been an angel – an avenging angel. She didn’t hurt nobody though, just walked on down those train tracks in the rain and cold and wind. Walked all night she did, never stopping... )

Three Halloweens PG, Rose, Pete, Tony, Ten2
Rose spends her first Halloween hiding in a corner at the Torchwood party and drinking herself into a small stupor. There’s nobody there to appreciate the irony of the costume she wears, and altogether too many people who are over appreciative of the length of her skirt. 870 words
( Halloween turns out to be a pretty big deal in Pete’s World. Rose is incredulous the first year, when she receives an invitation to the annual Torchwood Halloween Party. )

Held my hand, PG-13, Ten2/Rose
IloveyouIloveyouIloveyou. The words were stumbling from his lips before he could stop them – but it was already too late. Rose had disappeared once again and the Doctor had to pause to slow his breathing and scrub his hands over his face before he could begin analysing the data he had just collected. The human Doctor and Rose investigate the disappearance of the husband of the Tyler’s housekeeper and get a lot more than they bargained for. 3,479 words
A/N: um, can I put a warning here for serious creep factor people? Also for teh sad because my angst bunny is definitely back again :P apologies in advance to [ profile] professor_spork. Also? Please don’t read this if bugs freak you out. No really. REALLY. Please consider yourselves warned. I don't much fancy psychologically scarring anybody today even if it IS Halloween :P
( The Doctor turned his head towards the terrified child and saw, for an instant, so much of his sister in the hazel eyes and turned up nose that he couldn’t help the way his mouth twisted with grief, or the way he instinctively reached out to comfort the owner of the aforementioned features. )
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Originally posted by [ profile] neo_prodigy at Spirit Day

It’s been decided. On October 20th, 2010, we will wear purple in honor of the 6 gay boys who committed suicide in recent weeks/months due to homophobic abuse in their homes at at their schools. Purple represents Spirit on the LGBTQ flag and that’s exactly what we’d like all of you to have with you: spirit. Please know that times will get better and that you will meet people who will love you and respect you for who you are, no matter your sexuality. Please wear purple on October 20th. Tell your friends, family, co-workers, neighbors and schools.

RIP Tyler Clementi, Seth Walsh (top)
RIP Justin Aaberg, Raymond Chase (middle)
RIP Asher Brown and Billy Lucas. (bottom)

REBLOG to spread a message of love, unity and peace.

Also, I'm considering taking part in the latest [profile] then_theres_us challenge where you write a sequel of one of your pre-existing fics or from an alternate POV and just wanted to put it to my flist...any suggestions? Requests?

I also have fic recs coming up (the cause of my mood) so be prepared.
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In the end, she is there, Thirteen/Rose, PG-13 character death
“I always wanted you to stay,” he says and his voice is soft and weak. “But we both know that would have been impossible.”


a life never loved, Eleven, Rose, Ten2, Amy Pond, Nine, Ten, Rory Williams, PG
As his timeline unravels so will hers – and all the brilliant, beautiful, foolish, human things that she did in her time with him along with it.

I think I’ll skip the rest of the rewind. I hate repeats. )
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Kimo's Rules, Ten/Rose, PG-13
For a week after the Olympics they kept getting caught in storms. 3,454 words
A/N: the premise for this fic came from one of Kimo’s Rules and then somehow wound up incorporating all of them somehow :P

nightminds, Ten2/Rose, NC-17
In a moment of supreme smugness, Rose prepared herself for what she knew he would do next and was surprised once again when, instead of sliding his palm underneath the fabric, the Doctor continued to push at it until her left breast was completely bared. 8,146
Won tied third place.
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this is our secret, PG, Doctor/Rose, poetry
This is a secret about us (let me whisper it to you)

Rosie's got a gun, PG-13/light R, Ten2/Rose
The problem was that he found himself getting increasingly turned on by the thought of her toting a large lump of exploding metal. 1,007

she's touch, smell, sight, taste and sound (or five times Rose Tyler piqued one of the Doctors many senses), Ten/Rose, PG fluffy mcfluffer fluff FLUFF. With song lyrics. No I don’t know what my muse is smoking either.
There are so few truly perfect moments in life, but he’d definitely wager that this is one of them. 4,295
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Title: that’s chaos
Fandom: Doctor Who
Rating/warnings: PG
Genre: fluff
Characters: Ten/Rose
Spoilers: none of note for season 2
Summary: The Doctor tries to explain chaos theory to Rose. Written for challenge 27 on [profile] then_theres_us
Disclaimer: Doctor Who and all associated characters/situations etc do not belong to me, I’m just borrowing them.

( “You’ve NEVER seen Jurassic Park? Oh it’s a classic! Although, they did get all the skin tones wrong for the dinosaurs...” )
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Title: Breathe In, Breathe Out
Fandom: Doctor Who
Rating: PG
Character/s: Doctor/Rose
Spoilers: Set somewhere in S1/2
Summary: That is a shiver. These are my arms wrapping around you. These are my hearts beating in time with yours. This is my cheek pressed against yours. Written for challenge 27 at [profile] then_theres_us
Disclaimer: Not mine.

( ... )


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