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Comment to this post, and I will list five things I want you to talk about. They might make sense or they might be totally random. Then post that list, with your commentary, to your journal. Other people can get lists from you, and the meme merrily perpetuates itself.

1) Do you have any pets?
I've got two cats (Monty and Mojo) a blue heeler/bull terrier cross called Milo and a Pink and Grey Galah named Benedict. We're also cat-sitting Monty's brother at the moment whilst my brother and his wife move into their new house :)

2) Did you take dance/gymnastics/skating lessons as a kid?
I did gymnastics for about a year but I wasn't very good at it and at the end of year showcase I was leapfrogging over someone, fell on my butt and had a damn good cry about it. Now I teach ballet to gymnasts at the same school I used to go to. As for dancing, as you may have guessed by the fact that I teach it now...I've been doing it for as long as I can remember! Tap, jazz, ballet, hip hop...everything. I teach now as well, but I started when I was three-and-a-half. I just came home one day and said to my mum, "Mummy I'm going to dancing on Saturday" to which she replied, "Uh huh. And where is it? How much is it? Who are you going with?" etc. I knew all the details of course, and that I was going with my best friend. And so I went to dancing and at the end of year concert I threw up all the way to the stage. After I went onstage for the first time and came back though I was basically bubbling over, gushing, "MUMMY did you see me, I was on the stage!" to my bemused mother. Since then they have yet to get me off them, whether I'm dancing, singing or acting (or all three). I'm currently doing my Honours in Musical Theatre focusing on movement/dance and music.

3) Do you prefer big handbags, or small ones?
Depends on my mood. I do tend to carry a lot of stuff about during the day so my handbag has to be fairly reasonably sized but at night I quite often take a smaller bag with me if I go out somewhere.

4) What was your favorite cartoon as a kid?
Oh gosh, so many! I watched the Simpsons almost religiously but I think my favourite would have to be Babar, no question. I've been obsessed with elephants since I was tiny and one day when we had to go to the shops after school I missed Babar. Oh my gosh, I cried so much because I'd missed it! My mum and brother were completely bemused :P

5) If you had to watch one episode of Doctor Who 5 times in a row, which one would you pick?
Ooh tough call...would probably depend on my mood but I'd likely go with Doomsday or The Idiots Lantern. Don't know why, I just really love those eps and my brain immediately went to them.
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We are anything and everything that we need – or want – to be. We are dancers. )
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Okay so to catch you allup:

Weekend before last was my dancing concert down in Mandurah. The week leading up to it I was SUPER busy. Straight after I got home from Mandurah (just over a week ago) I got on a plane to Penang. I got back from Penang this morning at 1am.

I'M BACK NOW! And I have no dancing to distract me, only work. And I'm going to Brisbane for New Years. But I've been writing a shitload of fanfiction (as well as my Nano novel - which is not yet finished but hopefully will be be christmas!) so expect MUCH WRITING.

And now (because I didn't do it before I went away - STUPID)...


Who wants one? Raise your hands boys and girls - or you could just comment here with your address if you do (even if you think I've already got it because my address book was on my external which is still kaboom).

All comments are screened.

So how y'all been?
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the ultimate music survey! )


This message brought to you by every single muscle in my body - particularly my trapezius, my hamstrings, my hip flexors, my triceps, my get the idea.


Teaching and general class last Saturday.
Jazz class on Wednesday night.
Ballet class on Thursday.
Teaching 5- kids on Friday morning.
Teaching and general class today.


That is all.
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I suddenly have a social life! Who would have thought? So tomorrow night I'm going on a pub crawl with Caitlin for her birthday, Sunday is Neha's birthday lunch and then I'm going to go and see Step Up with the dancing school which shall be fun.

Omg, and I did an induction for this English guy this morning called matthew. He spent the whole thing talking about his boyfriend (yes he's gay, I didn't make a mistake) and how he wants a six pack ^_^ he's so precious, I just want to squish him but obviously I can't cause he's a potential client and that could be seriously detrimental. He's going to get his bf (who btw is rich as) to pay for personal training as well so I was like - huzzah!

Work tonight - blaahhhhh. Don't wanna goooo. Shana had her last day today - kind of odd to think that she's not going to be in there all the time. She can be a right bitch sometimes but she was always pleasant to me and I was more than happy to chat with her.

Also, happy Friday the 13th to everyone! Have a good day, hope nothing too weird happens to youse guys. Mwa!

Anyways. Fanfiction! (because what post of mine would be complete without a fanfiction to accompany it?)

Title: A Matter of Time
Words: 200 (double drabble)
Genre: romance
Summary: two drabbles from Claire and Charlie’s POV respectively. A reflection on where they are at the cusp of season 3.
Authors Note: I didn't get much of a response to "Seven Years" so...I'm thinking maybe you guys are looking more for fluff atm? Just as well I had this in my archives ready to be posted! It's short but enjoy anyway!

Claire )

Charlie )


Sep. 9th, 2006 09:36 pm
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If there is one or more people on your friends list who makes your world a better place just because they exist and who you would not have met (in real life or not) without the internet, then post this same sentence in your journal.

I’M back! At least for now. This week couldn’t really get much better for me guys, seriously:

a) I got back all my files from my laptop – thanks to a friend of my Nan’s. I’m going to bake him many cakes and write him a long and grovelling letter of thanks because OMG I am so relieved I got all my files back.
b) The dudes at Portacom/NEC were being jackholes and not helpful so my dad complained enough that they’re upgrading us with a brand spankin’ new laptop that has like, forty gigs more than my old one! asdfjk;l squee!
c) I FUCKING PASSED MY DANCING EXAMS. That’s right, I did Sub Elementary ballet AND my Student Teaching Diploma for Theatrical dance and I fucking passed BOTH OF THEM. I am so severely happy right now. I burst into tears and nearly strangled my dance teacher when she told me – which is bad cause she’s like, in her 70’s.

And to top it all off – I finished some fic I’d been working on! Therefore, as a celebration of all of the above, I offer you not one but TWO Lost fanfictions! Including…dun dun dun…SMUT.

Title: Remember When It Rained
Genre: smut! – But it’s fairly gentle. See also; Plot? What plot?
Rating: NC-17/Soft R for sex and swearing
Spoilers: Season two
Summary: It was raining the first time they made love. Set mid season three-ish, my interpretation of how Charlie and Claire finally get together. Can be read as a sequel to my fic “Internet Dating” but can also be read alone.
Disclaimer: the inspiration is from Lost and all the peoples who insisted I write C/C smut at some point AND Josh Groban who wrote the song whose title I stole for the title of the fic.
Authors Note: For those of you who asked for smut? Here tis! I tried to stay away from as many of the smut cliché’s as I could but if this is completely horrible, do please tell me as its my first real smut fic (that I’ve posted anyways) and I’d love feedback.

It was raining the first time they made love... )

And for those of you who don't want to read smut for whichever or whatever reason...I have angst!

Title: Fallen Star
Spoilers: season two
Rating: PG for angst and stuff
Summary: a short trilogy from three different POV’s, all linked by the song “Catch A Falling Star” by Perry Como.
Disclaimer: I’m playing in somebody else’s sandbox here – please don’t sue me for it.

a mother, a mother and a father – all with a story to tell )
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I'm trying to get all my Livejournal friends' locations plotted on a map - please add your location starting with this form.
(Then get your friends to!)

So I've been vereh busy the last few days. Wednesday, Mabel and I went and had lunch in the city and then we wandered for a while before I went back to work and forgot to put the bins out =P we had a good time though and a big long chat about boys which was interesting but awesome nonetheless. She was telling me about the guys that seem to be keen on her and how they're all, like, 24 and stuff and I pretty much calmed her down a bit by telling her that my last bf was 23 (5 years older than me!) and yeah, it can work. Sort of. Unless you're me. =P I'm just too busy.

Today I caught a bus at some ungodly hour to g to Kristie's to catch up with Blair. I was going to cancel my client in the afternoon cause I am feeling SO sick right now. Argh, so much coughing and just...blahhhh! But yeah, she'd already rung the gym to cancel so i was like "whoot!" and we all went over to Rachel's and spent the afternoon playing dress ups =P lol. In preparation for the Yule Ball themed party at Kathryn's tomorrow night which I SO have to get to, omg. Uhm...yeah after we played dress ups, we watched Brokeback Mountain (minus the last ten minutes) and then we went and watched "Over The Hedge". Omg, hilarious. Not the best movie I've ever seen but it had its momemts ^__^

So. Tomorrow I've got a few clients in the morning, then four people booked in that night, I have to help close at 9pm and then I need to try and transport myself from Cannington to Murdoch =P I'm going to have to grovel to Lisa majorly. Plus I think my musical theatre class is starting again on Saturday so I'll have to not drink/get some sleep which'll suck majorly. PLUS we start convention on Saturday arvo - omg so exciting! *bounces* and for once, I know what we're doing! Tap Dogs - dressed as DOGS. Thats right, you heard me. Its going to be tres awesome. Well now I have to go - I shall speak to you all anon. Hope everyone's doing okay! Much love to you all!

hell, why not have some domilie manips while i'm at it eh? )

manips x-posted to [personal profile] sapphire_child, [profile] domilie, [profile] epico_squee and [profile] charlie_claire
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how’d you get shot anyway? With a gun? )

So yesterday the kids at dancing were being absolute horrors. I nearly lost it on the floor - as in I was about to just burst into tears. Somehow I managed to hold it together and then Kerryl told me that I didn't really need to teach the tapping class and I went up the back to talk to mum and she took one look at me, put down her knitting and just went "Come on, do you want to go for a walk down on the river? Let's go...clear the cobwebs out."

So she drove me down to the river, right next to Tompkins on the swan and I remembered how just a couple of month ago I was there with all my friends and we were paying homage to the past five crazy years and it made me feel sad to know that they're gone because as hard as they were and as much as I couldn't wait for them to end, there was comfort in sitting outside the art block every day and knowing that we were all there for each other. It also got me sad about Blair again but that's getting better now. Still missing her like crazy - it's weird, when you miss people it hits you at the oddest times. It felt better when I started walking. I think I really needed to get out I think and have some time to think and I felt like I was in a really deep place - like I was walking along looking at the sky and the trees and I could feel all the weight lifting off my chest and it felt so GOOD to realise how beautiful this world really is - how beautiful it's always been. Mum reckons I shouldn't be so hard on myself and that if I just let things happen then they'll happen easier.

I suppose she's probably right.


Feb. 3rd, 2006 10:02 am
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Sorry I didn't update last night but I was tired. So basically... OMGLOOOOSSST!

So the special on Wednesday was complete and utter shit. Basically a really bad recap of the first season which jumped about too much. They focused on Jack, Sawyer and Locke - none of the women's backstories and there was maybe two minutes of Charlie and/or Claire footage at all. So I was miffed but never mind because last night, LAST night I FINALLY GOT TO WATCH MOSMOF.

I was practically twitching with happiness, waiting for it to come on. And because I'm nice and considerate, in case any of my aussie friends on here haven't seen it yet i'll even do a cut on what I thought.

Man of Science, Man of Faith )

One of the guys at my course said he'd burn the first 12 eps of s2 onto CD for me as well - he's d/led them which is awesome. I also made icons recently which I must post AND more fanfiction *is a fanfiction whore*

Went for my first driving lesson today - did lots of figure 8's in a carpark which was fun. Should be fun when his manual cars all fixed next week and I try and drive that @_@ I'm so going to crash lol.

Finishing my course next week on Thursday and THEN I have dancing start up again as well as Shine. My timetable thus far:

Monday: Shine - production type stuff as a chorus member so lots of dancing!
Tuesday: Singing (Chris) and Ballet (@ dancing)
Wednesday: teaching and troupes (@ dancing)
Thursday: teaching and solos (@ dancing)
Friday: possibly morning and evening teaching (@ dancing)
Saturday: Shine teaching in morning (musical theatre classes) Dancing from 11-12 then Shine in the afternoon
Sunday: Sleep all day and recover for the week ahead.

And then Tim suggests that we do a sleepover thing once a week. I'm sorry, no that's not feasible for me at the moment. I need my own resources to get to and from and get everything done I want to therefore I need to be at home. I need to get a day job though, for Monday-Thursdays so I can get money to pay for stuff. Mum reckons I should contribute to the internet bill =P and I guess that's fair enough.

Nemind nemind. I shall see you all soon with icons and fanfiction hopefully!

Also, a very Happy Birthday to [profile] whatever_we_are! I'm sending much love and birthday wishes to you today sweetie! Hope you have a brilliant day.
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because everybody else did it...
1. Reply with your name and I'll respond with something random about you.
2. I'll tell you what song/movie reminds me of you.
3. I'll pick a flavor of jello to wrestle with you in.
4. I'll say something that only makes sense to you and me.
5. I'll tell you my first memory of you.
6. I'll tell you what animal you remind me of.
7. I'll ask you something that I've always wondered about you.
8. If I do this for you, you must post this on your journal. You MUST. It is written.

So I stayed at Blairs last night (she made me French toast this morning ^_^) and then we have drama exam this arvo (my last exam! yay!) then we're going to go watch P&P and THEN I'm going back to stay at Rachel's and THEN on Friday morning I'm going to have a singing lesson in at the school (blah schoool...) and THEN I'm catching a bus into the city to go talk to the people from the AIF about doing one of their courses and THEN Nan is taking me home and I'm going to pack up ready to go to Mandurah on Friday night for dancing THEN we're STAYING in Mandurah overnight because we have an all day dancing practice on Saturday. Then I'm going home. And I'm going to collapse.



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