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ETA: I think I must have always been too fixated on the baby's hands reaching up to touch his face to notice Dom's hands and just...fuck this has just utterly slayed me. Guys. SERIOUSLY.

Oh Lost, you still know all the ways to make me feel hurty sad ;____________;
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Many thanks to [profile] thirtysec0nds and [profile] blackcatinbree for recommending some of the songs on this list. This fanmix would not exist without your help!

PS. Due to my slow and crappy internet connection, I have not uploaded any of the songs because it would have taken me five years to do so. If there is a particular song on here that you can’t find through your own forays into the realms of the internet then feel free to ask me to upload it and I will do so as swiftly as humanly possible! Zip file at bottom!

Title: Leave A Note
Fandom: Lost
Characters/Pairings: Claire Littleton/Charlie Pace
Notes/Warnings: may contain Missy Higgins and Avril Lavigne

Lyrics and reasons under here. Season Three spoilers obviously. )
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Title: Feels Like Home: A Season Three Charlie/Claire Mix
Fandom: Lost
Characters/Pairings: Charlie Pace/Claire Littleton
Notes/Warnings: contains more Avril Lavigne and Linkin Park

it feels like home to me )

Dedicated to all the Charlie and Charlie/Claire fans out there – long may we flourish and prosper henceforth in AU! Also, a thank you must go to [personal profile] hopelessfangirl for recommending and uploading “Swallowed by the Sea”.
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I claimed Charlie and Claire over on [profile] 50_darkfics
Title: Broken
Author: Ellin/[personal profile] sapphire_child
Fandom: Lost
Characters: Claire, Charlie
Prompt: 83. Love
Word Count: 926
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: goes AU from the season three finale
Summary: Everyone keeps saying that it’ll take time for him to come back into himself. Claire knows that it’s going to take the rest of his life. When Charlie comes back broken, Claire is the only one he will talk to.
Author's Notes: if I owned Lost they might’ve done this instead of what they just did in the season finale *furious*

It was raining when they found Charlie, broken and bloody, sprawled over a rock like a dead body… )
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Title: Nobody’s Home
Fandom: Lost Season One
Characters/Pairings: Claire Littleton, Kate Austen, Sun Kwon, Shannon Rutherford
Notes/Warnings: may contain 90’s pop, Elton John and Avril Lavigne

she wants to go home, but nobody's home )

Also, on an unrelated note - I just found this picture on and I swear, my ovaries just exploded. I think I need to do a Dom+babies picspam because seriously, Dom + Babies = OMGSOCUTE.
Image Hosted by

I might post it with my pretty, pretty Emilie de Ravin picspam that's been in the works for like, two months now =P
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 photo BeetlesampBabies_zpsbdcc4fb5.png

Title: Beetles and Babies
Rating: PG just in case
Summary: Suffering from insomnia and love sickness, Charlie decides to go for a walk and chances upon a precious moment with Aaron.
Spoilers: season two stuff, especially regarding C/C
Disclaimer: a useless but necessary aid when writing fanfiction so that nobody tries to sue you for stealing their characters and situations.


The darkest hour is before dawn )
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 photo WaitingGoneLeaving_zps0b418e81.png

Title: Waiting, Gone, Leaving
Genre: future fic, angst
Warnings: PG for copious amounts of angst
Summary: Waiting: Sawyer’s tired of waiting. Gone: Charlie returns to the real world but soon finds that the island took more from him than he realised. Leaving: Charlotte is ready to leave the security of home behind – but the road hadn’t always been so easy.
Authors Note: I wrote this fic ages ago now. I think it might have been one of my first Lost fics ever but I only ever posted “Gone” the middle portion, because I liked it the best – and everyone who commented on it seemed to like it too. A few days ago I was cleaning up my computer and I found “Waiting” and “Leaving”, the prequel and sequel to “Gone” and went, “Hey, I should finish this properly and post the whole damn thing and see what everyone thinks!” so I have and I hope you enjoy.
Disclaimer: Lost, the characters within it and the situations they are in don’t belong to me. Bad Robot, ABC, Disney, JJ Abrams and a bunch of other people own all the copyright to it. I promise I’m not writing this fanfiction to make any money and I don’t mean to infringe on copyright – the plot bunnies simply attack and I relent.
A/N1: This resurrection is dedicated to [ profile] blackcatinbree because she’s awesome.
A/N2: recently used to fill the prompt of "98. Writers Choice" on my claim on [ profile] 50_darkfics


Waiting )
Gone )
Leaving )

In other news, I just did a tally on all the Lost fanfiction I’ve written and realised that I have:

30 fics posted either on LJ and/or on (including one poem)
7 fics which I’m ready to post
10 wip’s, one of which is looking like it might be an epic if my lazy muse will get her arse into gear

That’s like, 47 Lost fanfictions. O.O Wow. Can anyone else say overly-obsessive-Fangirl?
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 photo Pilot_zps9328e871.png

Title: Pilot
Spoilers: Season one, episode one! Wow, we’re really going back to origins with this one aren’t we?
Summary: The first two days after the crash. Charlie and Claire POV respectively. See my Author’s Note below for more details on the plot.
A/N: I got bunnied for this after re-watching “Pilot” part I and II with the audio-commentary and noticing certain scenes where Charlie and Claire could have possibly first seen each other. Oh and yes I do admit that I’m a terrible, terrible Fangirl to have even thought of this idea, let alone written it ;P


Pilot )

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 photo BedsideManner_zps57ea75ea.png

Title: Bedside Manner
Pairing: one-sided Jack/Claire and Charlie/Claire
Rating: PG. Just because.
Genre: angst, slightly AU
Summary: Jack never assumes that Claire could be as manipulative as the next person until she becomes desperate enough to try and use him to solve her problems.
Disclaimer: Lost still isn’t mine *sigh*
Spoilers: A few season two references in relation to the C/C relationship

Bedside Manner )
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 photo TheWatcher_zpsf2a09d87.png

Title: The Watcher
Rating: PG for angst
Spoilers: season one
Summary: "He can’t join in. He lost his chance to be a part of their family a long time ago..." Charlie POV
Disclaimer: I think we’ve all figured out by now that I don’t own Lost or anything pertaining to it right? Okay then, on with the fic.


The Watcher )

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Title: Cold Nights
Rating: G
Genre: fluff
Warnings: none from season two
Summary: When the nights begin to get colder, Charlie finds yet another excuse to be chivalrous – and to do a bit of shameless flirting while he’s at it!
Disclaimer: Do you know how hard it is to make all of my disclaimers different and witty after a fashion? Man it’s hard. So just so you know, Lost isn’t mine. And stuff.



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 photo Vincent_zps60fed80f.png

Title: Vincent
Genre: one shot
Rating: PG to be safe
Summary: Claire has always been a free spirit. When the oppressive nature of the caves gets too much for her, she climbs until she can see the stars.
Spoilers: set the night after the events in Exodus/Man of Science, Man of Faith but doesn’t deal with anything that happens in season 2
Disclaimer: Lost isn’t mine. Also Don McLean isn’t mine and none of his songs that I may or may not have stolen as a title are mine either. Also the lyrics from the aforementioned song/s are not mine.
Soundtrack: Don McLean – Vincent
A/N: I wrote this ages ago, and I thought I’d better post it soon because I’ve got a lot of new stuff I need to post and…well this needed to be posted. And stuff. Enjoy!

Vincent )

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 photo SomeoneToBlame_zps8ab0a5a8.png

Title: Someone To Blame
Genre: angst
Rating: PG-13 for drug references
Spoilers: season one
Summary: Charlie’s always had someone to blame for his mistakes – but Claire wont let him blame this one on her.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Lost. But we’ve already established that yes?
A/N: the first of my fanfictions that I wrote on Leavers/Schoolies last week.


ficage )

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Well I ended up with a tie so that means you’re getting a double fic post this time around. These fics may seem a little ooc at the moment with all the C/C angst flying around in season two (or so I’ve read…) so here’s some fluff anyway and I hope you all enjoy!

 photo AreWeDancing_zps9ec9d0d0.png

Title: Are We Dancing?
Rating/warning: G
Genre: Fluff
Summary: “Tonight was different from all the other nights that the crash survivors had spent here in this place. Tonight everyone had agreed not to just sit about and wait to be rescued or attacked like they’ve done every other night. Tonight they were going to dance.”
Disclaimer: I may not own Lost but I sure as hell own this fanfiction and all events portrayed herein so...nyah!


Dancing )

Title: Tea
Rating: G
Genre: fluff, ficlet, one shot
Characters: Charlie, Claire, Aaron
Summary: Charlie and Claire talk about tea and the lack thereof on the island.
Spoilers: none of note


Tea )

Reviews are love.
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I'm baaaack! And I come bearing fanfiction! xposted at charlie_claire

Title: Relief
Fandom: Lost
Genre: one shot
Rating: PG
Summary: Charlie offers Claire some relief – but not in the way you might expect ;P
Disclaimer: I do not own Lost in any way shape or form unless you count my very-shiny-new-boxed-set-of-the-first-season-which-I-got-as-an-early-birthday-present-from-my-friends-squee ^_^
AN: Yeah I'm actually meant to be doing homework right now but I just had to post this up here for you all. Any reviews I get for this I will consider as presents for my birthday tomorrow ^_^

fic-age )
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Title: All Gone
Fandom: Lost
Genre: one shot, future fic
Pairings: implied Charlie/Claire
Warnings: PG for copious amounts of angst
Summary: Charlie returns to the real world but soon finds that the island took more from him than he realised.
Disclaimer: Yeah Lost still isn’t mine.

Snipsnip )


Title: I Don’t Want To Be Alone Tonight
Fandom: Lost
Genre: One-shot angst. And very angsty angst at that ^_^
Summary: Charlie and Claire share a moment of grief.
Warnings: PG. Character death.
Disclaimer: Lost = not mine. Song ‘I Don’t Want To Be Alone Tonight’ which I have plugged as my title = not mine also. Deal with it.

Snipsnip )

Feedback makes both myself and my muse v.v. happy
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Back in the good old days there were bees...and peanut butter...and then came the ANGST! Frighteningly enough, these icons sorta show that, they're in episodical order. And they all use the same font, because I wanted to.

^_^ )

Comment and/or credit = me being one happy little iconwhore ^_^
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 photo 2e18d5a0-8512-4373-841b-830bf603c48e_zps7ca70cf9.png

Title: Russet Sky
Characters: Charlie, Claire and Aaron
Genre: Mostly fluff with the smidgiest tinge of angst
Rating: G
Spoilers: Pretty much the whole first season though I haven’t seen all of it yet…YET.
Disclaimer: Lost is not mine in any way shape or form (as much as I may wish it was ;P)

Russet )

Reviews are muchly appreciated.
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Lost Icons

Jul. 8th, 2005 08:34 pm
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So we have...
Peanut Butter: 2
Sun: 1
Charlie: 2
Sawyer: 1
Random Humour: 2

Icons! )

Comments and credit highly appreciated.

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