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Currently in Diagon Alley SPAZZING out. Anyone else who is already on there want to add me as a friend? My username is Acciocantaur182 :D :D :D
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Season Five of Doctor Who in 2 minutes. Can-Can style!

The perfect blending of book quotes and movie footage/music - Harry and Hermione in the Godric's Hollow graveyard. I just...gahfjkgadf. This is so beautiful

And probably the most amazing Harry Potter tribute video ever made. Amazing.
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Five Things Harry and Hermione Taught Me about Love (Even Though J.K. Rowling Never Meant Them to)

Also, need to see DH2 in 2D now that the movie theatres have calmed down somewhat. Midnight release was AMAZING. Cried my eyes out.
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Unfortunately I don't think the epilogue is going to happen. Maybe ever. I know I said there was going to be one and all but you know, between my university load and my lack of inspiration for it it's just not going to happen. Thanks to everyone who has commented and enjoyed it. Hopefully you'll be able to fill in your own blanks as to how the story might end :)

ETA: also a very happy birthday to the Weasley twins, Fred and George. What better day for them to be born on eh?

ETA2: Oh god I am so mean. Somebody slap me, I'm turning into my mother...
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Because I would have bawled like anything. One thing I loved about the DH book was seeing Dudley and Petunia in particular start to properly warm to Harry, only right at the end of their association of course. I kind of like to hope that he invited them when he married Ginny. I don't know that Vernon would've come but his aunt, certainly.

Oh series. How much will I always love you?

*huddles down with HP series*
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*makes endless, endless grabby hands*

ETA: And whilst I'm on about T-shirts, can I have these two as well?
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Lit Slits, Volume III: Harry Potter

Your Rank: Auror

Score: 100% (12 out of 12)

Yep. Still got it XD
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Dumbledore's Army and the Year of Darkness

NB: this fic is not for the squeamish - especially the end. BUT! It's very, very good.
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I'm cutting this just in case I'm not the last person in the world to see this movie. Unlikely but still.

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So all in all - lots of things to like! Definitely my fave so far.

On the way home mum and I deconstructed the film and the acting and my mum blatantly compared it to the LotR trilogy and said that the Harry Potter movies are so successful not because of the quality of the acting (not in all cases! please don't throw things at me! there are lots of good actors in HP but there are also quite a few mediocre ones too!) but because of the love for the books. Bwah. In contrast, she was full of praise for the LotR trilogy and all of the actors from it which made me squee a little.

Ah, my mother...a closet geek!
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Pick your 6 favourite fandoms and answer the questions (don't look at the questions before):

1. Lost
2. Dexter
3. Lord of the Rings
4. Harry Potter
5. Doctor Who
6. Dead Like Me

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So I'm doing an assignment for music thinking "I'll do this CD package thing for Cat Power. In particular, the song Werewolf on the basis that I like the song." so I look up werewolf in google image search. A lego website pops up. I get kind of scared and click the thumbnail...
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Need I say more?
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“You? Straight? Good one,” said Dudley.
“I am!” Harry said, insulted and amazed.
“Oh, of course,” sneered Dudley. “I’ve seen you, playing around with your little stick-”
“My wand-”
“And polishing your great big stick-”
“My broom-”
“And looking at all your pictures of muscular guys and their sticks-”
“It’s my hobby!” snarled Harry, slamming shut his copy of Flying with the Cannons.
“Sure, sure,” said Dudley, waving his fat hand.

omfg just read it.
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I have just one thing to say to that.


Which roughly translates to why the fucking hell is she wearing PINK? She's meant to be wearing fucking periwinkle blue for FUCKS SAKE! OH MY FUCKING GOD! CANON RAPE! CANON RAPE! AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


May. 1st, 2005 07:14 pm
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*roflmao* I so love Mugglenet omfg...action figures...
If this computer wasn't having a spaz i'd link it properly but eh.

also worth a look">
Obviously someone with too much time on their hands but nevertheless, I'm amused.
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If you steal, comments and credit would be nice. More than welcome to steal.


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